Rongros. I reside in Bangkok, and I’ve taken guests to numerous restaurants along the riverbank opposite Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) to enjoy spectacular views and delicious food. However, Rongros surpasses them all. This marks my third consecutive visit, and I have yet to be disappointed.


First and foremost, the food is authentic Thai cuisine, prepared to perfection, and reasonably priced. With drinks included, we rarely spend more than $20-$25 per person. While this may seem a bit steep compared to the countless options for excellent Thai food throughout the city, it’s all about location, location, location! When you sit on the rooftop terrace, you are treated to an unobstructed view of the beautifully illuminated Wat Arun.

Here’s a handy tip for fellow visitors: pay a visit to Wat Pho (Chethuphon) just before dinner. The interiors of the temples, including the famous Reclining Buddha, close at 6 pm, so the tourist crowds dissipate. Between 6 and 9 pm, you can wander around the temple grounds without encountering another tourist and relish the dazzling spires lit up for your Instagram-worthy moments. Spend 20-30 minutes there and then take a short 3-5 minute stroll to Rongros. See also the Baan ThaTien as well as the Chom Arun on here. See also Museum Siam if you’re eager to delve into the rich tapestry of Thai life from past to present.

Make a Reservation

On this particular occasion, we made a reservation for 8 pm on a Saturday evening, and the restaurant was fully booked, so they kindly asked if we could wait for 15 minutes. As a gesture of goodwill, they offered us complimentary drinks. The manager was literally hustling back and forth to ensure our comfort while we waited, and he even arranged for us to sit in the lobby of the hotel across the alley during our brief wait. True to their word, we were seated exactly 15 minutes later, and our orders were taken promptly.

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A couple of noteworthy points to keep in mind: the restaurant is relatively small, with approximately 25 seats on the rooftop and slightly fewer on the ground floor. Typically, the river breeze keeps it comfortably cool in the evenings. However, for those who prefer air conditioning, the downstairs area is an option, though you might miss out on the overall experience unless you secure one of the window-side tables. Secondly, the food is genuinely authentic, which means it can be quite spicy. If you can’t handle spice, be very specific when placing your order. Even if you enjoy spicy dishes, exercise caution and make sure not to consume the little green peppers that may be sprinkled in those dishes. Take your time to locate and remove them – they can be quite potent if swallowed. One dish we particularly enjoyed was the vermicelli with kaffir lime – a delightful choice!

The main reason I will keep coming back to this place is undoubtedly the people. The food is also exceptionally delicious, and the atmosphere here is incredibly relaxing. Additionally, not to mention the breathtaking view of Wat Arun. I highly recommend it.


This former garage, transformed into a stylish restaurant, is one of the few places in Bangkok that requires a reservation, even during the challenging times of the pandemic when most businesses are struggling. It boasts a strong local following and doesn’t rely heavily on tourists. Every table here is fortunate enough to have a view of the beautiful temple on the opposite side of the river. The only challenging decision is whether to book a table in the air-conditioned comfort of the ground floor or opt for the open-air rooftop terrace. Both options are bustling with activity. Note that this restaurant is close to the MRT Sanam Chai Station.



Decorate various corners with large chandeliers that sparkle like stars in the sky and the use of carved wooden folding doors. Decorated with Chinese brush paintings on marble. to decorate the walls of the shop, adding charm and charm to The atmosphere in this shop is absolutely amazing.


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The rooftop terrace seems to be preferred by a younger crowd. The modern Thai cuisine served here is flavorful and beautifully presented, with all courses reasonably priced. The restaurant’s bold decoration complements its riverside setting perfectly. The only disappointment was the absence of dessert and coffee. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a nearby place to satisfy our sweet tooth or caffeine cravings to complete an otherwise wonderful evening. I must also mention the excellent staff at Rongros.


Welcome to Rongros, which translates to “the house of flavors.” This place was born from our desire to share with our friends. The cherished childhood memories of warm scents and the taste of our family’s home-cooked meals that always brought us comfort and joy. Here, under this roof, we recreate those heartwarming dishes using recipes passed down from generation to generation within our family.

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Apart from our own story, this little diner has its own unique history to tell. It was once just a “Rongrod” or parking garage belonging to a local merchant family. One day, as we passed by, we noticed the garage doors left open. Driven by curiosity, we peeked through a hole in the rear back wall. What we saw immediately captivated us: the breathtaking view, the cracked walls, peeling paint, and that rare sense of history. The old way of life that’s still preserved in this neighborhood made it a perfect choice for our humble eatery. We knew right away that this garage would one day become the place to share my foodie memories with all my friends.

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