Chom Arun

This restaurant Chom Arun unquestionably merits more than a 5-star rating! Upon my visit on Tuesday, I was on the hunt for a dining spot while gazing at the sunset over the Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun. As I turned the corner, I noticed a plethora of other restaurants with lengthy queues, which left me pondering why this particular establishment lacked one.

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Chom Arun

Initially, I held reservations about its quality. Nevertheless, as I approached the entrance, a friendly staff member promptly greeted me and arranged a table. I had assumed that, being a solo diner, they might not accommodate me or assign me an unfavorable seat. To my surprise, the staff member promptly inquired whether I preferred the rooftop or indoor seating. I opted for the rooftop, and without prior reservation, they promptly secured a table for me.

Upon reaching my table, I was greeted by a breathtaking view and a delightful atmosphere. From this vantage point, I could admire Wat Arun and the bustling Chao Phraya River, all while listening to a trending, soothing melody playing in the background. I indulged in the classic pad thai with generously sized and succulent river prawns, along with their refreshing mocktails and cocktails—perfect refreshments after a day of temple exploration in the sweltering weather. The prices were also quite reasonable.

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The entire staff appeared poised to provide top-notch service. One staff member even volunteered to capture photographs, showcasing an impeccable knack for finding the most flattering angles. Furthermore, he suggested waiting until 7 PM for an even more stunning backdrop for photos. Likewise see also the Rongros Restaurant on here at the same location.

Everything about this experience was remarkable, from the cuisine to the staff’s attentiveness and the overall ambiance. I cannot determine if it was merely a stroke of luck on my part that day or if they consistently excel in this manner. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to bring my loved ones here so they can share in the same enchanting experience.

Keep up the excellent work! This is an exceptional place. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, the rooftop view more than compensates for the cost. Additionally, the live music performance was truly outstanding. Although the menu primarily features Thai cuisine with a somewhat limited selection, this didn’t pose a problem. Fortunately, we secured a table for two without a prior reservation. Note that the Museum Siam is also close by. Attractions such as Wat Pho are also close to the restaurant.

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There is also the Baan ThaTien restaurant in the same area.


Chom Arun

Likewise the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel as well as the MRT Sanam Chai Station.



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