90’s City Bar

The 90’s City Bar is in the vibrant Don Mueang area. I stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant that catered to every aspect of a perfect evening out. What caught my attention was the multilingual staff, including those fluent in Japanese, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for international visitors like me.

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90’s City Bar

As I settled in, I was serenaded by live music that resonated throughout the restaurant. What surprised me was the affordability of their offerings. Beer, for instance, was priced at just 79 baht, making it an enticing option, especially if you plan on ordering in bulk. Note that this is close to the BTS Khan Keha Station.

On cool evenings, the allure of sitting outside with a drink in hand was irresistible. The restaurant’s spacious layout and ample parking only added to its appeal. Regardless of whether you prefer air-conditioned comfort or the refreshing open-air vibe, the restaurant had both options, accommodating diverse preferences.

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90's City Bar

The menu was a delightful surprise, offering an array of food items and snacks that catered to every taste bud. From delicious meals to a variety of drinks, the restaurant had it all, and at reasonable prices.

What truly made this place special was its atmosphere. The restaurant exuded a laid-back charm, attracting a friendly and diverse crowd. I couldn’t help but notice the adorable children around, adding a touch of warmth to the ambiance. Additionally, the restaurant featured a live band that played beautiful international music, making it a haven for music enthusiasts. See also the JBull Steak Bar & More and Mida Hotel Don Mueang Airport close by.

Lastly, this chill-out restaurant in the heart of Don Mueang stood out for its good food, great music, and inviting atmosphere. The choice between indoor comfort and the lively outdoor space, coupled with the friendly staff and affordable prices, made it a standout destination for anyone looking to unwind and have a good time with friends. I left the place with a sense of contentment, knowing I had discovered a hidden gem in the bustling city. Likewise also see the BTS Wat Phra Sri Mahathat which is also close by as well as the Wat Phra Sri Mahathat.

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