SRT Thung Song Hong Station

Imagine you’re at the SRT Thung Song Hong Station Dark Red Line Station, a place bustling with activity and various amenities. To make your journey more convenient, there’s a shuttle bus available to take you to the government complex Building B.

SRT Thung Song Hong Station

Upon arrival, you’ll notice the station is spacious and well-equipped. There’s an elevator and even an escalator, making it accessible for everyone. If you need a break, you’ll find bathrooms nearby. However, there are no shops selling items, so it’s advisable to come prepared. Getting tickets is a breeze – you can either use the vending machines or head to the staff counter for assistance. And here’s a perk: if you’re a senior citizen above 60 years old, you only pay half the price for your ticket.

SRT Thung Song Hong Station

Parking is available, although the space is limited, especially below the station. Alternatively, you can park near the nearby school wall. The station area might get a bit dusty and hot due to its open setup. But don’t worry, there are motorcycle taxi vans under the station, or you can walk about 500 meters to reach the Daily News bus stop on Vibhavadi Road.

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SRT Dark Red Line


Now, let’s talk about some nearby places you might find interesting. There’s the Asawin Grand Convention Hotel, where guests are treated like royalty from the moment they arrive. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, ensuring your stay is delightful. See tha page where their location has been added.

Another option is North Park Place, a serene residential condominium conveniently located between Don Mueang Airport and the city center. It offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life, with spacious rooms for utmost comfort. See also the price range of the hotels in this area.


If you’re an art enthusiast, the Museum of Contemporary Art awaits you. This privately built museum showcases contemporary Thai art in a modern setting and even has a cafe where you can relax and enjoy the artistic ambiance. There are a number of great reviews on the museum and one of the few in Bangkok. There is only one Roof Top bar on this line. See also the Red Sky Bar in Central Bangkok.


When hunger strikes, consider dining at Smith & Rabbit Cuisine, a cozy restaurant famous for its Western and Thai cuisines. The inviting atmosphere and the restaurant’s longstanding reputation recommended by Wongnai make it a great choice.

Additionally, sports fans might enjoy the New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, especially if you’re a One Championship enthusiast. The location of the stadium adds to the excitement, although experiences may vary based on individual visits. These are very popular in Thailand and easy to reach. You will need to see their webiste for cost and times allocated to boxing fights.  Lastly also see what is on offer at Pantip Ngamwongwan as well as The Mall Ngamwongwan as well. Sure, I understand. Malls can indeed be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re not a fan. Sometimes, though, we end up there out of necessity, like when we need new clothes. How did your shopping trip go? Were you able to find what you needed? Note that the last station on the Dark Red Line is the SRT Rangsit Station.

So, whether you’re a traveler seeking convenience, an art lover exploring contemporary masterpieces, or a food enthusiast craving delicious cuisines. Likewise, Thung Song Hong Red Line Station and its surrounding areas have something for everyone to enjoy. Likewise also see the SRT Don Mueang Station and SRT Lak Hok Station on this line.




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