SRT Lak Si Station

Heading to the SRT Lak Si Station? Well, you’re in for a treat! First off, the station itself is a breeze to navigate with its user-friendly English and Thai ticket machines. I paid just 30 THB to travel to Bang Sue and switched to the MRT Blue line subway. The signs were clear, and I only waited about 15 minutes for the train.

SRT Lak Si Station

Despite being newer, the line wasn’t too crowded, making the journey pleasant. Plus, there’s a convenient SRT station near Wat Lak Si that can take you to Don Mueang Airport and other cool places. Now, let’s talk shopping! Right next to Lak Si Station is the IT Square Shopping Center, and there are multiple entrances for easy access. Plus, there’s even an elevator if you’re not up for the stairs. And guess what?

Starting from October 27th, there’s free service originating in Bang Sue. Just keep in mind, sometimes you might have to wait a bit (around 15-30 minutes) for the train at Rangsit Station, but if you time it right, you’ll be super lucky! Oh, and did I mention the station is right in front of IT Square mall? And guess what else? There’s a connection to the Pink Line, set to open in 2022. Exciting, right? See also the Museum of Contemporary Art down the line.

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BTS Lak Si Station


Need a place to crash? There are awesome hotels nearby catering to different tastes. Narra Hotel, located off a major road, offers straightforward rooms with all the essentials. If you prefer a modern stay close to both the airport and cultural attractions, Mida Hotel Don Mueang Airport is a great choice. Casa Residence Hotel, tucked away on a quiet residential street, offers a peaceful retreat. And for a vibrant stay, ibis Bangkok IMPACT is just a stone’s throw away from the IMPACT Arena, offering comfy and lively rooms.


SRT Dark Red Line


Feeling hungry? Around SRT Khan Keha station, you’re spoiled for choice. JBull Steak Bar & More is a standout spot, thanks to its English-speaking staff, awesome service, and mouthwatering food. You’ve got to try their signature dish, curry-filled roti – it’s a game-changer. And their burgers? Oh boy, they’re legendary, with a unique combo of BBQ sauce, mayo, and mustard.

Likewise craving Isaan cuisine? Tum Surin is the place to be. Their spicy rice noodle salad and grilled catfish are a hit, and the friendly staff just add to the charm. Looking around the area there is also another gem. This is the Pa-Tu Cafe and Restaurant; their authentic Thai dishes and cozy vibe make for a delightful dining experience. See also the Lynk Laksi on here which might interest you as well. They offer good food as well as a live band. See the pictures on the page on this website.



Ready to party? The area around Khan Keha station has a nightlife scene that’s hard to beat. 90’s City Bar is a cozy spot with indoor and outdoor seating, live music, and affordable drinks – perfect for hanging out with friends. You will note regret visiting this place. It will be well worth it.

Likewise the Nangloeng 54 Bar & Restaurant is always buzzing with a lively atmosphere, delicious food, and a friendly staff. And if you’re into live music, pool tables, and reasonably priced drinks, Lynk Laksi is the place to be. It’s a hotspot for socializing and having a blast with your pals. Enjoy your time in this fantastic area.

Moreover, the station connects different parts of Bangkok, allowing people to easily commute to school, work, or simply to hang out with friends. Furthermore, the station’s surroundings are peppered with interesting spots. Nearby, you’ll find schools, parks, and local markets, adding to the station’s appeal. Besides, the station area is often abuzz with energy, especially during rush hours, when commuters hurry to catch their trains. It’s like a microcosm of the city’s vibrant pace.



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