Blu-O Sukhumvit

Bangkok NightlifeThe Blu-O bowling alley has a great-setup and decor and is located ever-so closer to the BTS Ekkamai station than to the BTS Thong-Lo station in Bangkok. The only known drawback might be that it can be a bit pricey by local standards without a membership card – but well-worth the money. Its a brilliant modern high-end setup. There are a number of them around in Bangkok as a local brand bowling alley. This one is located at Major Sukhumvit where you will not only find the cinema but also the Sub Zero Ice Skate Club in Bangkok. Other locations are found in Siam Paragon in Central Bangkok amongst other locations.

Blu-O Sukhumvit

They also offer a restaurant in-house as well as music and other entertainment such as pool tables. The Blue-O is very popular in Thailand as they are always packed with customers. Well worth your time in Bangkok or Pattaya as there is also a branch there. If you are visiting Thailand with teenagers then they will enjoy this. This is in the same building as Major Cineplex Sukhumvit and very close to the Sub Zero Ice Skate Club.

Bit loud but a nice place with good service. Additionally, the atmosphere is fun, the music is great, and it provides an enjoyable bowling experience. Moreover, food and drinks are available with very friendly staff. Furthermore, the food at Blu-O Sukhumvit is good, the vibe is positive, and the drinks are satisfying. The Karaoke room stands out for its cleanliness and absence of any funky smell. Additionally, the staff members are exceptionally polite, and the karaoke system is easy to use. However, finding the place can be a bit challenging as there are two buildings, but it is located in the same building as the fitness center.


Blu-O Bowling

Major Cineplex Sukhumvit, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand


Blu-O Sukhumvit
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