Sau Luat BTS Station

Sai Luat BTS Station, located in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand, is a newly built station that opened on 6 December 2018 as part of the 13 km eastern extension on the Sukhumvit Line. Despite its pristine condition, it has a deserted atmosphere due to its lack of surrounding amenities. However, it is situated along Sukhumvit Road, which results in a significant amount of traffic.

Sau Luat BTS Station

In contrast, Kheha station, which is the next station and also the terminus of the line, is more prosperous. Notably, there is a Tesco Lotus at Kheha station, adding to its appeal. The extension to Kheha station has made commuting easier and more cost-effective for many, especially for short distances of two to three stations, despite the relatively high cost per station.

Sau Luat BTS Station

The creation and improvement of this transportation system have been greatly beneficial to the people of Samut Prakan Province. This commendable effort deserves appreciation and encouragement as it enhances the quality of life for the residents. Rides on the extension were free until April 16, 2019, further demonstrating the commitment to improving public transportation. The preceding station to Sai Luat is Phraek Sa, towards Khu Khot. Overall, the addition of Sai Luat station has been a positive development, contributing to a better commuting experience.

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The BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line, also known as the Green Line, has been extended by 13 kilometers. This extension encompasses nine new stations: Samrong, Pu Chao, Chang Erawan, Royal Thai Naval Academy, Pak Nam, Srinagarindra, Phraek Sa, Sai Luat, and Kheha.

The governor has estimated that the journey from Bearing to Kheha station in Samut Prakan province should take approximately 20 minutes. It is anticipated that about 60,000 people will utilize this service in its first year, with the potential for this number to increase to 100,000 in the subsequent year.

The construction of this elevated line extension commenced in 2012 and was completed last year. The first of the nine new stations, Samrong, began service on April 3 of the previous year.

Furthermore, a 16-stop extension beyond Mo Chit station, heading north, is currently under construction. As of December 2017, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority reported that this extension was 53-percent complete. This continuous development signifies the commitment to enhancing the public transportation system.

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The Baan Paknam Hotel, situated at 427 Sailuad Road in Samut Prakan, is a convenient choice for those planning to visit the Siam Ancient City. However, it’s important to note that the hotel is quite a distance from the center of Bangkok. Upon arrival in Samut Prakan, you might find that taking a taxi is not the most efficient mode of transportation. Instead, the BTS Skytrain is highly recommended.

Moreover, the BTS Skytrain’s Sukhumvit Line, also known as the Green Line, has been extended and now covers nine new stations, including Samrong, Pu Chao, Chang Erawan, Royal Thai Naval Academy, Pak Nam, Srinagarindra, Phraek Sa, Sai Luat, and Kheha. To access these new stations, passengers are required to change trains at Samrong station. This makes commuting in the city more convenient and efficient. Likewise see also the BTS Sai Yud Station as well as the Bangkok Grill.

So, while the Baan Paknam Hotel may be a bit far from the heart of Bangkok, the accessibility provided by the BTS Skytrain can make your travel experience in the city much smoother. Enjoy your stay and your visit to the Siam Ancient City! Likewise around Bangkok also see the Benjakiti Park as well as Wat Thong Kong.




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