BTS Wutthakat Station

Bangkok NightlifeBTS Wutthakat Station is a classic BTS station that doesn’t usually see a large crowd. The place is clean and tidy, making it a pleasant environment for commuters. This BTS station provides easy access to various destinations and is conveniently located near accommodations. This is close to the BTS Talat Phlu Station.

BTS Wutthakat Station

It’s worth noting that taking the BTS is a cheaper option compared to taking a cab. However, if you have more than three people, using a ride-hailing service like Grab might be more cost-effective. One of the perks of riding the BTS is enjoying the cooling air conditioning inside the metro, which is appreciated by the people using this mode of transportation.


When it comes to accommodation, Tree Place is a fantastic choice. Not only is it comfortable and affordable, but it also boasts a convenient location. Choosing Tree Place ensures an unforgettable experience during your stay. The hotel provides professional service, with staff who are attentive, friendly, and create an intimate atmosphere to prioritize your comfort.

For sightseeing, recreation, and convenient transportation, The Quarter Wutthakat is an ideal option. This hotel offers amenities and services that cater to these needs, making it a suitable choice for travelers.

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Beerapan Hotel has received positive feedback regarding its clean rooms. However, some guests have mentioned that the rooms are small. Additionally, a few guests have suggested improvements for the bathrooms, and some have noted that the rooms could be quieter.


If you’re looking for a delightful dining experience, Greenery House comes highly recommended. Customers love the excellent service, pleasant atmosphere, and delicious food and drinks. However, it’s worth mentioning that there have been instances where it took quite a while for two small salads to be delivered.

Home is another establishment worth visiting. This beautiful and tasty restaurant is a hidden treasure. The food is of good quality, and the place is quiet and clean, making it an ideal spot for a meal. Customers appreciate the amazing experiences they have had at Home.

House’s Ang is a popular pub known for its great lighting and music. However, due to its popularity, it can sometimes get crowded. Some patrons have been frequenting this bar since its early days as a small business. The quality of the pork dishes served at House’s Ang is top-notch.

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If you’re craving tasty food at an affordable price, Steak Factory Wutthakat is a recommended option. The service is friendly, although some customers feel that the food is overpriced given the quality. Nonetheless, the relaxing environment and good selection of alcoholic beverages make it a pleasant place to unwind.

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Riverside Plaza Bangkok, located near BTS Talat Phlu, is an excellent shopping destination. Customers have praised the excellent service provided by the staff and the quality of the food options available. It’s a great place to spend time with family, offering a small but diverse selection of cafes and restaurants. Also see the The Cocktail as well as Littlest Guesthouse in Bangkok on the BTS line.


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In summary, BTS Wutthakat Station provides a convenient and clean transportation option. Accommodations such as Tree Place and The Quarter Wutthakat offer comfort and accessibility. Beerapan Hotel has clean rooms but might benefit from improvements. Greenery House and Home are recommended restaurants that offer delicious food and enjoyable experiences.

House’s Ang and Steak Factory Wutthakat are popular pubs with their own unique atmospheres. Riverside Plaza Bangkok is a small-sized shopping mall with excellent service and a variety of dining options. Whether you’re commuting, exploring, dining, or shopping near BTS Talat Phlu, these options cater to different preferences and ensure a memorable experience.

Likewise also see the MRT Sukhumvit Station as well other businesses on the line such as BP Place.



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