Rommaninat Park

This Rommaninat Park is a local favorite for exercise enthusiasts. Its intriguing history as a former corrections center, later transformed into a park, adds a unique dimension to the experience. Here, you’ll find a well-rounded range of amenities, including an outdoor gym for weightlifting, a small skateboard area, a playground, and various exercise stations.

Rommaninat Park

While monitor lizards may be elusive, the park is teeming with an impressive crow population, particularly around the water fountain. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in engaging activities like aerobics sessions and Chinese dance exercises. It’s essential to note that only service dogs are permitted, and no other pets are allowed within the park.

For a nominal fee of 30 baht, you can access the outdoor gym. While it’s uncertain whether this price is exclusive to foreigners, it’s undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to stay fit while traveling or working away from home. Given the heat, wearing a cap is advisable, as it can be quite taxing. As far as operating hours go, the gym appears to be open every day. The park is also close to the MRT Sam Yot Station.

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Rommaninat Park


The welcoming demeanor of the staff, particularly the gentleman at the entry, is notable, and it’s a good practice to be courteous to everyone at the park. The public outdoor gym is a standout feature, offering exceptional value. It’s equipped with essential items such as a squat rack, several bench press stations, a variety of dumbbells, a smith machine, barbells, and a selection of specialized machines. The park’s accessibility is set to improve further with the extension of the MRT line, which will place a station within 100 meters of the park. Likewise also see Lumphini Park as well as the Queen Sirikit Park.




This park presents an incredible opportunity for a workout right in the heart of bustling Bangkok. It offers a running track, free calisthenics facilities, and a comprehensive outdoor gym that caters to weightlifting enthusiasts. Remarkably, the entry fee is more affordable than most indoor gyms in Bangkok. The owner is known for being helpful and willing to provide instruction on machine usage if needed. Likewise the regular patrons are equally friendly. If you’re seeking a workout spot in Bangkok, this park is a definitive choice, although be prepared for a vigorous sweat session. Likewise see also the The Grand Palace which is a short distance from Sam Yot Station and the Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Wat Leng Noei Yi).

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Beyond its fitness offerings, this park offers a generous expanse for various activities. This including running, walking, relaxation, picnicking, and even a well-used outdoor gym. Basketball enthusiasts and skateboarders will find their haven here. The park’s ample paths are convenient, and its proximity to the train station makes it easily accessible. Restroom facilities are also available. Interestingly, the park’s history as a former prison is evident. This with remnants of a guard tower serving as a reminder of its past.



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