BTS Pak Nam Station

Thai flagBTS Pak Nam Station, situated in the heart of Samut Prakan, provides an excellent gateway to explore the vibrant surroundings. As you disembark from the train at Exit 6, an array of attractions awaits, including the Riverfront Park and Samut Prakan City Hall. Don’t miss the opportunity to relish the panoramic view of the colossal river before it gracefully flows out into the sea.

BTS Pak Nam Station

For those venturing into Samut Prakan city, an alternative BTS station offers convenient access. The neighborhood is teeming with attractions, with the prospect of a Skywalk connecting to the city’s observation tower currently under construction. Envision the future when this construction is completed, allowing seamless transitions from the skytrain to the observation tower upon arrival.

Embarking on a journey from Pak Nam Station to the government center is hassle-free. This with a 511 bus adjacent to the Srinakarin line facilitating connectivity to the yellow line. Located approximately 35 minutes away from downtown Bangkok by BTS. Likewise, the area surrounding the station exudes a distinctive town atmosphere. Additionally, deviating from the hustle and bustle of the city. As of October 2023, a pedestrian deck leading to the Samut Prakan Observation Deck and a new plaza along the river are undergoing construction, promising additional attractions.


BTS Pak Nam Station

Notably, the vicinity around Pak Nam Station houses numerous government buildings and is conveniently close to Pak Nam Market, a mere 10-minute walk away. The market offers a delightful experience, showcasing a variety of products, from sea and freshwater fish to dried goods, seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables, and an assortment of cooked foods. Lastly also see the well known Bangkok Grill in central Bangkok.

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Adjacent to the Samut Prakan City Observation Tower, another viewing point, and Pak Nam Chao Phraya, the Provincial Administrative Organization is diligently constructing a Skywalk to enhance accessibility. With electric trains, buses, and ordinary buses, reaching Pak Nam has become more convenient. The expansive and hygienic market boasts an array of products, making it a satisfying destination for those seeking seafood, fruits, vegetables, and ready-to-eat meals.

For a unique excursion. Consider taking a ferry across the Chao Phraya River, allowing you to explore the remnants of old Bangkok near the local pier. This leisurely day trip is perfect for those who wish to experience the city’s history.

Previously reliant on the 511 air-conditioned bus for transportation to Pak Nam. So, the advent of the BTS has significantly increased convenience. Even on holidays, Pak Nam Tower is bustling with activity, enticing visitors to witness its splendid outlook.


The Skytrain journey to Samut Prakan, heading south, provides a pleasant and economical ride through the city. It is truly worthwhile to venture beyond the central areas of Bangkok and head towards the mouth of the Chao Phraya River.

Before reaching the Royal Thai Naval Academy station on the Sukhumvit Line of the BTS Skytrain, the train is headed towards Khu Khot. Following the Royal Thai Naval Academy station, the next stop is BTS Srinagarindra as the train continues its journey towards Kheha.

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In terms of accommodation, consider the CASA Grand Hotel, which offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms. Strategically located in the Phra Pradaeng part of Samut Prakan, the hotel provides proximity to attractions and diverse dining options. A must-visit during your stay is the renowned Rabiang Thale Restaurant, contributing to the overall quality and enjoyment of your experience.


Exploring the markets in Samut Prakan reveals a diverse range of options. Pak Nam Market stands out for its comprehensive offerings. Likewise, including vegetables, dried fish, squids, seafood, beef, chicken, meat, and more. The serendipitous discovery of the Black Market . This which is away from the typical tourist path, offers a unique and local experience with affordable and delectable food options.

Hua Ko Market is another appealing option. Likewise, boasting a wide selection at reasonable prices. Although the fruits might not be the cheapest, the market’s charm lies in the quirky conversations with sellers and the variety available for purchase.

For those seeking a more traditional market experience, Racha Market provides a local-style wet market with a bustling and chaotic atmosphere. Despite its disorder, the market offers fresh seafood and vegetables at budget-friendly prices. You can also see the Phra Khanong Market in Central Bangkok.

Finally, Chang Erawan Market, open on select days. Likewise with features a well-paved road and a relaxed environment. This market provides an opportunity to enjoy a drink and explore various offerings in a laid-back setting. Lastly also see the BTS Royal Thai Air Force Museum on here as well as the Dusit Residences in Central Bangkok.





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