BTS Chang Erawan Station

BTS Chang Erawan Station boasts a captivating ambiance, adorned with numerous antiques that pique one’s interest. Situated in close proximity to Chang Erawan BTS, the museum is easily accessible, requiring only a brief 5-minute walk. The thoughtful design of the station and the allure of an underground museum contribute to its appeal.

BTS Chang Erawan Station

While this area of Bangkok may not offer extensive activities, it serves as a convenient gateway to the remarkable Erawan Museum. The museum provides a complimentary tuktuk shuttle service connecting visitors to both the station and the museum. Positioned as a sky train station between the Erawan Museum and the Yuwa Prasart Hospital, it is advisable to utilize a feeder for a more convenient connection between these two locations. The main interchange on this line is the BTS Siam Station as well as the Ratchathewi BTS as well. Likewise see the BTS map Bangkok as well.

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BTS Chang Erawan Station


Adjacent to Soi Udomdet, this bustling BTS station witnesses frequent usage. However, a notable critique centers on the uncertainty of the air conditioning’s operation during morning commutes, leading to discomfort on hot days. Despite this, the station remains a popular choice, offering a seemingly chilly escape from the exterior heat. If you are in central Bangkok then also see the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel as well as the Anajak Bangkok Hotel.

Erawan Museum

For those interested in exploring the Erawan Museum and Muang Boran on the same day, offers a convenient option for same-day purchase and use of tickets. As my first destination on the trip, I opted to walk instead of using a songtau or tuk-tuk, navigating the area without prior knowledge of local transportation. Note the next station is the BTS Pak Nam Station as well as the Royal Thai Naval Academy Station on here.

At the Erawan Museum, an imposing elephant statue commands attention, complemented by an exhibition room underneath. This sacred site attracts visitors seeking blessings, with a serene environment featuring a fish pond, shaded trees, and the opportunity to explore beneath a three-headed elephant. The availability of parking and items for sale, including steering wheels, enhances the overall experience.


In terms of accessibility, the site accommodates wheelchair users with accessible parking, entrances, and toilets, ensuring a comfortable visit for all. Lastly also see other tourist attractions in Bangkok such as the Erawan Shrine as well as the The Royal Elephant Museum.




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