BTS Pu Chao Station

Situated at BTS Pu Chao Station, the main hub is equipped with a fall protection barrier, making it a secure and convenient location. Adjacent to Big C Samrong and the Sukhumvit 115 Honda showroom, the station is strategically positioned in the heart of the community.

BTS Pu Chao Station

Nestled in the midst of the community, the station offers excellent connectivity, whether by bus or for office-goers, effectively mitigating the challenges of traffic jams. As a BTS station, it not only provides a spacious and well-maintained environment but also boasts smiling service staff, ensuring quick and efficient service. The overall atmosphere is tranquil, with the station garnering praise for its good condition and the courteous staff. See also the BTS Chang Erawan Station as well as the Royal Thai Naval Academy Station.

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BTS Pu Chao Station

Further enhancing its appeal. The Pu Chao BTS station is expansive and traveler-friendly, featuring elevators and escalators for added convenience. Its proximity to Big C, Panasonic, and Toyota contributes to the overall comfort. Additionally with service users experiencing a lack of overcrowding. In terms of accessibility, the station prioritizes inclusivity with wheelchair-accessible facilities, including a car park, entrance, and toilet.


In its early stages, the station was initially named Pu Chao Saming Phrai station. This due to its proximity to Pu Chao Saming Phrai Road. However, responding to a request from the Royal Society of Thailand. The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand opted to shorten the name to Pu Chao for ease of use. Noteworthy accommodations close to the station include the At S115 Residence. Likewise it is praised for its large, clean rooms and convenient location near public transit and shopping areas.

For budget-conscious travelers seeking comfort. The NAPA Hostel Samrong Station emerges as an ideal choice. The hostel is commended for its polite and gentle service staff. Likewise, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere for restful nights. Additionally, its strategic location near the BTS, coupled with a quiet nighttime ambiance. Additionally it makes it a well-priced and attractive option for solo travelers and those looking for affordability without compromising on quality. Likewise also see the Bangkok Hub Hostel on here as well. You can find this on the BTS Map as well.

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