Siam Subway Hostel

Your search for the finest hostel in Bangkok ends here! The amenities at this establishment can easily rival those of a luxurious hotel. Whether it’s the dormitories, the well-equipped workspace on the upper floor, or the inviting cafe beneath, the quality is outstanding.

Siam Subway Hostel

And here’s a little secret for fellow English travelers: there are complimentary biscuits waiting for you on the 5th floor! The Wi-Fi connection is blazing fast, the beds are on par with what you’d find back home, and the showers deliver a robust and hot stream if that’s your preference. They are very close to the MRT Sam Yot Station.

They’ve thought of everything, with charging hubs catering to both Android and Apple devices. Plus, the hostel’s location adjacent to a metro station provides effortless access to trains and the airport. I was so enamored with this place that I extended my stay here. The cafe serves up delectable coffee and cuisine that’s worth every baht. I even suggested they consider offering a discount for guests, which I hope they’ll implement in time for your visit. Situated in a quieter part of town, it’s still within walking distance of major attractions like the palace (remember to wear long trousers or rent them on-site). Nearby, you’ll also find a fantastic street food spot called Thai Samsanrat. Enjoy your stay!

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This cafe offers a serene atmosphere complemented by quirky jazz tunes, exceptional coffee, and a diverse food menu. While they didn’t initially have a vegetarian option, a simple request resulted in a delightful dish of two fried eggs with a waffle. The restroom facilities are well-maintained, making it an ideal spot to spend an afternoon working. I appreciate the little touches like serving coffee with a biscuit and a marshmallow.

Likewise there is another hostel in Chinatown further down the line called Lhong Yaowarat Hostel.


Siam Subway Hostel

The staff was even kind enough to help me obtain change for the metro. As for the hostel itself, it’s modern, clean, and provides a secure environment. The room may be quite basic, but I found it to have all the essentials. One significant advantage is its close proximity to the metro station and the social common area. The only minor drawback is that the neighborhood may not be as lively as some other parts of the city. Likewise on the MRT  you can also find the Metro Mall and Raintree Pub.

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