The Yard Hostel Bangkok

The Yard Hostel offers an amazing, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere. Tucked away at the end of a charming alley, it provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city of Bangkok. The common areas are impeccably clean, and the staff is exceptionally friendly and accommodating. The private rooms are comfortable and peaceful.

The Yard Hostel Bangkok

The Yard also has convenient amenities just outside, including a breakfast spot, a burger bar, and even a nail salon. It comes highly recommended. I had a fantastic stay at The Yard. The bedrooms were comfortable, clean, and equipped with efficient air conditioning. The staff was outstanding, providing kind and helpful service, along with local recommendations and assistance with transportation plans.

The hostel has a lovely social space, making it easy for solo travelers to connect. The included breakfast was a great bonus, providing an opportunity to plan the day.

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Located in the quieter Ari neighborhood, it offers a more relaxed Bangkok experience. While it’s close to  BTS Sanam Pao station, some tourist destinations may require a longer commute, with Grab bikes often being a better option. However, it’s fairly near the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Prices are THB 996 typically. See also the BTS Map on here.

Customers Views

Their hostel stands out because they prioritize their guests above all else. People from over 50 countries come seeking meaningful connections, a comfortable bed, and a home away from home, all at an affordable price. Whether you stay for a few days or a few months, the friendships forged here will endure a lifetime.

What sets them apart from conventional hostels is our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. Sustainability was a cornerstone in our hostel’s design. They repurposed old shipping containers for their rooms and insulated them with recycled paper to reduce energy consumption. They are also adamant about reducing plastic usage. Likewise they don’t sell plastic water bottles and encourage guests to refill their own.

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Their hostel’s name embodies its purpose. In English, “yard” signifies an open space next to a house, while in Thai, it means family. Thus, they  strive to provide a living space with a warm, familial ambiance, bringing people together to share stories, create connections, and learn about sustainable living practices.


The Yard Hostel Bangkok

Likewise also see the area around the BTS Khu Khot Station as well as the Khlong Lod Market.


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