Nunglen & Escobar

Nunglen & Escobar is another excellent nightclub in the Thong-Lor area of Bangkok. There are a number of other clubs in the area as it is located in the nightclub area of Thong Lor. With excellent music, stunning women and a real party atmosphere this is one of the best places to get drunk in Bangkok.

Nunglen & Escobar is seen more as a bar than a nightclub but they have excellent live bands and the deco has been done very well. The food is good and it has a good location in Thong Lo.

There are a number clubs in this area such as Muse and Funky Villa. You might want to use this bar/nightclub to start your night and visit all the clubs and bars in the area. There are also a number of hotels in the area such as 41 Suite Bangkok Hotel and the Somerset Sukhumvit Thonglor which are well known and good hotels in Thonglor. If you are visiting Thailand then it is a short taxi ride from the BTS Thong Lor Station in Bangkok. If you are looking for more nightclubs and bars in Bangkok then see the listings here or search this website for more information about Bangkok and surrounding areas.

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