Jazz Happens!

The Jazz club Jazz Happens! (แจ๊ส แฮบเพ้นส์) is a small jazz club around the corner close to Khao San Road and within walking distance of many small Jazz and Blue clubs in the area such as the Brown Sugar Jazz Club. Jazz Happens! is made out of a collaboration of Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Jazz.

The club is a really great spot to enjoy some of the local jazz bands in Bangkok along with very tasty local dishes and lets not forget the cocktails. The managers of Jazz Happens, without a doubt have turned this into a great place to lounge around listen to the bands play. Its a very popular club and not expensive by any means. If you are visiting Thailand or looking for a Jazz club to start at then Jazz Happens! is a really good place to start. The location is also great close to canal and everyone in the area knows where it is. You will not regret a visit to this club.

Jazz Club and Bar · Chana Songkram
62 Phra Athit Rd., Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
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