Cost of Living

Internet in Thailand

There are a number of options when it comes to the internet in Thailand. Hosting in Thailand is costly so most companies tend to host outside of the country. You can search for a hosting company online as the cost of international bandwidth in Thailand is very costly. Even the large Thai forums such as Thai visa tend to host in Singapore as the bandwidth cost is lower.

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Cost of Living in Pattaya – Food

Strange thing is that in 12 years in Thailand I have only met one foreigner who cooked for himself everyday. Most expats tend to buy food of from the food vendors all over the place. Much like Bangkok there are many food vendors in Pattaya and you can get a good, clean and cheap meal for about 40฿. There are also many cheap restaurants such as Tops (supermarket chain) in Pattaya which branch has a restaurant and sells very good and cheap food. Best of all they open early in the morning.

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Cost of Living in Bangkok – Other

This is the other half which is not as simple as the Cost of Living in Bangkok – Food as the expenses would really depend on what you want. The price ranges in this lot differ from the high to the low end of the market. You need to cut your living to the size of your income. Anything is possible. This list was put together by more than 2,000 expats who made an average salary in Thailand of 22,000฿ so you have a good idea that this is as cheap as what you can go.

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Living in Thailand

Bangkok NightlifeLiving in Thailand? It is most likely the most common question you will here in Thailand. I cant recall how many times I have heard people ask the question – how can I live in Thailand. My first question is always why? Why do you want to live in Thailand. There are number of reasons I have hard over the years.

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