Okinawa Kinjo

The Japanese Okinawa Kinjo is among a few Okinawan restaurants which you will find in Bangkok. The Japanese restaurant is well known in the area and very popular amongst local Thai’s and also Japanese expats living in the area. If you are going then you must try the Okinawa Soba which lives up to its reputation as well as the Jimami Tofu and Goya Champuru. You can get all of this by ordering the Goya Champuru set on menu. Remember to make a booking at 027-110536.

Okinawa Kinjo

During the week they at times run promotional prices for “Asahi” beer which makes it well worth a visit. The must be at least 500 sushi bars in Bangkok. However this restaurant is very authentic and I would recommend you sit upstairs as it has been well done. The Okinawa Kinjo is small but if you want authentic Japanese food and who also serves Awamori a beverage indigenous to and unique to Okinawa, then this place is a must.

If you are a tourist then there good hotels in the area such as the Jasmine Resort Hotel. This which is also not far from Okinawa Kinjo and the BTS Skytrain system. Likewise if you are a backpacker then the K79 Room Hostel is not far either. If you are looking for the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok  or other Thai restaurants in Bangkok then see the menu bar above.

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Nestled within the bustling main road, this charming restaurant remains a hidden gem awaiting discovery. What captivates me the most is the abundant display of 80s posters and memorabilia adorning the decor. The culinary offerings are a delightful surprise. This with flavors that truly impress. Among the dishes, the tofu has secured a special place in my heart. While the drink options appear visually appealing. Some might find their taste a bit unconventional. However, the limited parking space within the small Soi does pose a challenge. Nonetheless, our fondness for this place remains unwavering, leading us to wholeheartedly recommend it. Likewise also see the Akiyoshi Central Westgate on here.

A mere stone’s throw away from the BTS, you can indulge in the delectable tastes of Okinawan cuisine. Parking is conveniently available at the end of the Soi. Within these walls, you’ll find an array of options, including a fusion of Thai-style dishes alongside authentic Okinawan delicacies. This quaint restaurant holds a profound essence despite its size. Every dish resonates with the genuine flavors of Okinawa. Likewise featuring traditional recipes like slow-cooked pork belly, local soba, and native seaweed and vegetables.


The ambiance is reminiscent of the Japanese island itself, attributed to the Okinawan family that operates the establishment. While service is satisfactory, occasional delays may arise due to the restaurant’s three floors and the presence of new staff. Indulge in the must-try slow-braised pork and the delectable chompuru for an unforgettable dining experience. You’ll locate the venue along Soi Sukhumvit 69, a mere 200 meters from the corner and a short 5-minute walk from the Prakanong BTS station.

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Navigating parking might pose a challenge in the area, but the journey is worth it. Among my cherished eateries in Bangkok, this spot stands as a favorite, offering an array of traditional Japanese dishes bursting with original flavors. Each dish is meticulously prepared using exquisite recipes. My personal recommendation goes to the Okinawa Soba—an exemplary balance of texture and taste. The Okinawa soba boasts both impeccable texture and a flavorful broth, inviting you to relish every last drop. The stir-fried bitter gourd and Japanese mellow offer a harmonious blend of flavors, while the succulent pork steak drizzled with juicy sauce is nothing short of delightful.

This establishment generously presents numerous promotions, both in-store and through app orders, ensuring a worthwhile dining experience. Without a doubt, the quality and quantity offered here make it a restaurant that justifies its price.

P.S. Taking the train to Phra Khanong Station and venturing into Soi 69 will lead you to the restaurant, located approximately 100 meters along the right-hand side.


Okinawa Kinjo (โอกินาวา คินโจ) 金城

24/1 Sukhumvit 69 (near Phra Khanong Post Office), Prakanong, Bangkok10110
Okinawa Kinjo
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