Eat Me

Bangkok NightlifeEat Me is a well-known high-end restaurant in Bangkok that has been voted one of the Top 50 restaurants in Asia. Chosen by 300 of its industry peers, Eat Me restaurant in Bangkok rose a whopping 12 places to number 25 on the list. If you are looking for an excellent restaurant then Eat Me is the place for you.

Eat Me

The restaurant is located between two BTS stations. Its a bit of a walk from wither being the BTS Sala Daeng Station or the BTS Chong Nonsi Station. The level of service from the staff is absolutely superb and second to none The staff really knew how to make our experience a pleasant one. If you are looking to spoil your taste buds then try the Wagyu beef tartare or the Japanese black cod – excellent. The restaurant has an excellent laid-back ambiance to it. If you are looking for the best food on offer in Thailand then Eat Me is where you need to go! Need I say that the restaurant is very popular and booking a table to going to be a good idea. Call or email them for a reservation.


We had a fantastic dinner at Eat Me! The food was simply outstanding, particularly the lobster and bucatini pasta. The combination of perfectly cooked lobster and a citrusy sauce created a burst of flavors that was absolutely delightful. The flourless chocolate cake was also a decadent treat that left us craving for more. The cocktails and wine selection were excellent, and the service was top-notch. We were pleasantly surprised when the owner, Darren, took the time to personally greet us and give us a tour of the restaurant, sharing its history and adding to our overall experience. The atmosphere at Eat Me is cool and hidden away on a quiet side street, adding to its charm. We’re already looking forward to returning for another fantastic meal on our next visit to Bangkok.

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Our journey to Eat Me was eventful, with a cab driver unfamiliar with the neighborhood. However, the restaurant provided us with major assistance and even had someone waiting in the street to guide us the rest of the way. This level of service speaks volumes about the restaurant’s commitment to its guests. The menu offered a variety of options, allowing my wife and me to each enjoy a great meal. As soon as we stepped inside, the subdued atmosphere created a sense of calm and relaxation. It was the perfect first stop in Bangkok, and we were thrilled to have followed the recommendation of a former resident.


Eat Me is a contemporary restaurant that provides excellent staff, an inviting atmosphere, and a superb vibe. Despite not having a reservation, we were able to secure a table. While waiting for our dinner, we enjoyed some superb cocktails and a selection of bread at the bar. For starters, we ordered a burrata salad, followed by the duck and lobster pasta, both of which were deliciously prepared and beautifully presented. It’s important to note that Eat Me is not a restaurant focused on Thai dishes, but rather offers a unique and elevated dining experience. The restaurant’s tasteful decor, with dim lighting creating a classy ambiance, makes it unsuitable for boisterous parties.

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Overall, we experienced good service and high food quality at Eat Me. Notable dishes worth trying include the grilled hamachi cheek, scallops, and the tomahawk steak. However, the uni with rice was presented as a risotto-style dish with uni on top, which was ordinary. As for desserts, the spicy dark chocolate ice cream was truly spicy, infused with chili oil, providing a unique and bold flavor experience. Likewise see also the Vesper as well as the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok.

Eat Me Restaurant 

Restaurant · Silom
1/6 Soi Phiphat 2 (at Thanaphoom Tower), Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Tel: +66 22380931     


Eat Me



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