Chinatown 唐人街

If you want to see ChinaTown 唐人街 in Bangkok then you only need to tell the taxi driver – Yaowarat. Everyone knows where Chinatown is located in Bangkok. Located close to the MRT Lamphong Station in Bangkok. This is a good place to visit while in Bangkok.

Chinatown 唐人街

The are also has a number of hostels in the area such as the Hau Lamphong Hostel. Chinatown in Bangkok is the largest Chinese community in Thailand and is known as Yaowarat which is basically  the name of the road.  The Chinese community in Thailand have been around since the time of King Rama I when trade was based between Siam and China all based on the Ratchawong Pier. Likewise there is also the MRT Wat Mangkon close to this location.

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China Town is very interesting and makes for a good day in Bangkok. The area is well known for the trading of gold in Thailand and also offers great food. If you are looking for authentic Chinese food then this is the best place to find it. They also sell a variety of Chinese herbs in the area during the day. There are good for jewelry shopping options and the rates are normally cheaper than the malls in Thailand. Most of the gold is 23 carat as it is held as an investment by many Asians. 

Nighttime in China Town in Bangkok lights up with even more restaurants opening after sunset. Here you will find excellent Chinese fried noodles and iced Chinese desserts. Try the bird nestjelly” with milk. The town offers a glimpse into Thailand’s Chinese heritage which still lives on today. All the neon signs makes it look more like Hong Kong than Bangkok. Bring a camera and enjoy a day out in China Town. Lastly also see the Royal Jubilee Gate on here. Travel around the BTS Bang Bua Station and see what that location also has to offer. 

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Chinatown 唐人街 Map

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Likewise there is also the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Route 66 Club and MRT Huai Khwang Station.



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