Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel

Stay at the Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel in Bangkok. Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Bangkok, the Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel, located at 167/14 Israphap 43 Alley, Israphap Road, Banchanglor Sub-District, Bangkok-Noi District, 10700 Bangkok, Thailand, stands as a hidden gem, exuding charm and authenticity. As you step into this haven, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the sights and scents of a typical neighborhood, where an array of street food stalls and bustling markets paint a vivid picture of local life.

Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel

What sets this hotel apart is not just its exquisite accommodations, but also its strategic location. With a proximity near Thon Buri Station, accessing transportation is a breeze, allowing you to embark on your urban adventures with ease. Furthermore, if you choose to make your booking in the evening, the hotel extends the courtesy of a complimentary lift the following morning.


Speaking of hospitality, the staff at Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel is a league of their own. Their warm and attentive demeanor makes every guest feel like family. During our two-night stay, their impeccable service shone through as they thoughtfully replaced our towels and replenished our water supply, showcasing their dedication to ensuring a comfortable stay. The room itself was a testament to their commitment to quality, boasting cleanliness and an abundance of space.

The hotel’s allure extends beyond its interiors. The swimming pool beckons like a sapphire oasis, offering a respite from the bustling city outside. Adjacent to it lies a charming outdoor area, a cozy spot to unwind and absorb the tranquility. And as the day draws to a close, the promise of a restful sleep on a comfortable bed awaits, completing the delightful experience.

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In a metropolis as dynamic as Bangkok, finding solace from its bustling streets is a treasure. Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel emerges as that oasis, a serene enclave where the urban cacophony fades into the background. While some of the staff might not be fluent in English, their politeness transcends language barriers. This cultural mosaic only adds to the hotel’s allure, offering an authentic Thai experience.




A constant thread throughout the reviews is the astounding staff. Their dedication and the remarkable quality of service they provide truly set the hotel apart. Amidst the charm of the place, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the staff’s unflagging commitment to making each guest feel valued and comfortable.


Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel Map


Stepping back from the hotel itself, its surroundings hold their own allure. The local neighborhood exudes authenticity, a far cry from tourist traps. A myriad of local Thai markets and the bustling energy of the locals provide a genuine slice of daily life. For those who revel in such cultural immersion, this neighborhood is an ideal base. Likewise also see the MRT Tha Phra Station as well as the MRT Fai Chai Station which is close by.

If there’s one caveat to this otherwise glowing narrative, it’s the hotel’s distance from the city’s core attractions. However, this minor trade-off is easily overshadowed by the generous offering of space within the rooms. Equipped with all the essentials, these spacious accommodations beckon weary travelers, offering a cozy refuge to retreat to after a day of exploration. Lastly also see the Wat Suan Plu as well as the Suan Rot Fai Driving Range in Bangkok. Likewise there is also the The Quarter Chaophraya as well as the Suan Lhuang Market.

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Additional amenities further elevate the experience. The swimming pool invites you for a rejuvenating dip, while the small gym caters to those who wish to maintain their exercise routine. Lastly this holistic approach to guest satisfaction is a hallmark of Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel.

Amidst the harmonious blend of cultures and the rich tapestry of Thai life, the hotel finds its place. Even those who arrive without reservations are met with the warm embrace of hospitality. The service is exemplary, matched only by the allure of the serene swimming pool. In a neighborhood brimming with authenticity and local flavor, this oasis is a testament to Bangkok’s multifaceted charm.

Likewise the Ban Suan Phran Nok Hotel emerges as a destination in its own right. Likewise offering a harmonious fusion of comfortable accommodations as well as attentive staff. This gives you a glimpse into the authentic fabric of Bangkok’s local life. Lastly as you immerse yourself in the vibrant streets, markets, and the hidden gems of this neighborhood, the hotel stands as a tranquil haven, a testament to the remarkable diversity and allure of Bangkok



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