Healthland Spa & Massage

Healthland Spa & Massage. In Thailand and looking for a good massage in Thailand then the Healthland Spa and Massage is an excellent place. With a two hour Thai massage at 500bht this is more than reasonable in Bangkok. The Spa and Massage is always very busy so call to reserve space in advance if you wish to go. Price may have changed since I was there however if you buy a coupons for THB 3,500 save THB1,000 baht on their service charges.

The aromatherapy massage and is always that good however note that if you are more than 10 minutes late your booking gets cancelled and depending on the amount of people you might have to wait another hour to get a slot for a massage. Note that a booking is essential as the prices are very reasonable and the service very good so bookings will always be tight. The Spa is located close to the BTS Surasak Station and a short distance away from such hotels as the Take A Nap (Hostel) as well as the the Shangri-La Hotel as well as the Centre Point Hotel and the Blue Elephant Restaurant in Bangkok. Not the map to the Healthland Spa & Massage.

Healthland Spa & Massage

Address : 120 North Sathorn Rd, Silom, Bangrak Bangkok 10500
Telephone : 66-2-637-8883
Fax : 66-2-634-5353


Pricing is as follows: (September 2014)
Program : Aromatherapy Body Massage
Time : 1 Hr. 30 Min.
Price : 850 Baht
Promotion : Coupon 6,500 Baht / 10 times
Program : Traditional Thai Massage
Time : 2 Hrs.
Price : 500 Baht

Spa Packages:

Royal Thai Package
Thai Spirit
Aromatic Body Treatment
De Stress Head
to Toe
4 Hrs.
3 Hrs. 30 min.
3 Hrs. 30 min.
3 Hrs. 30 min.
9,300 Baht
8,100 Baht
8,000 Baht
9,000 Baht


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