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The Pimp Nightclub

The Pimp is an upscale nightclub in Bangkok. The decor is excellent however it is a pricey environment however well worth the money spent. The club has many positive reviews in the local media and they have done an excellent job at not only marketing the club but also doing all its fancy layouts, decor and activities in-house.

If you want to experience the high-end of Bangkok then this club is what you would be looking for. Its one of those clubs that will stick in your memory for the rest of the year. Its an absolutely brilliant concept and well worth the visit. With a full bar and open until 3:00 AM go and try it and see for yourself. The pictures below will give you an idea of this exclusive nightclub in the heart of Bangkok. The nightclub is far from any mass transit however you can tell the taxi driver the All Star Golf Complex as it is not far from there.

The Pimp Nightclub

Pracha Uthit (Rotchanamin Alley), Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
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