Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is another popular monument in Bangkok. If you are visiting The Grand Palace or The Emerald Buddha then this monument is located in the same area and also well worth a visit. The area has many temples and also good street food. Like everything else in Thailand you need to negotiate well with the tuk-tuk drivers to visit all the temples in the area.

The Giant Swing in Bangkok was originally constructed in 1784 in front of the Devasathan shrine by King Rama I. Being made of wood the Swing was rebuilt in April 2005 using 6 Teak tree trunks in the process. The original wood was moved to the National Museum not far away. During the reign of Rama II the swing ceremony was discontinued as the swing had become structurally damaged by lightning. The rebuilt swing was dedicated in royal ceremonies presided over by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in September 2007.

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Giant Swing

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Giant Swing

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